Meet the Maker – Valo – the candle company

Hello! I’m Cassie – a fast approaching 30 year old from Scotland and I’m the maker behind Valo – the candle company.

About Me

  • I’ve worked in the Health and Social Care field most of my adult life.
  • In 2019, I quit my job and packed up my life into a backpack in pursuit of my dream of travelling and explored SE Asia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia before travelling back to the UK mid pandemic.
  • I have a love for photography, though these days I take more photos of candles than anything else.
  • I love adventure and spontaneity and have done three skydives, swam with sharks and saw humpback whales up close – it’s all about making life richer!

All my candles are handmade at home which is fast becoming more of a workspace everyday and my packaging is all home printed and hand finished for a unique touch.

At the core of Valo is connectedness. Valo was birthed back in early 2022 when work and life stress was high, and richness of life low. In the year previous I had returned home from living abroad which was curtailed due to Covid, I had lost my dear brother, work was busy and life felt a bit overwhelming. Valo began as a means to slow myself down, inspire rest and just bring a bit of brightness back…and this is exactly what I hope to bring to others through my colourful, distinctive and quirky range of handmade candles.

“Valo” itself holds no significant meaning, though it’s Finnish for light and I felt it fit what I wanted Valo to be.

Thanks for reading, you can take a look at my products here

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